7 Tips For ARK Survival Evolved Beginners

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When playing the game Ark Survival Evolved, you need to be ready for challenges and adventures. This game is full of experiences, and it is gut-wrenching since you need to face roaming dinosaurs on an island. Thus, the danger of becoming the food of these ferocious dinosaurs at every step is enormous. The most daunting thing is to protect your home base along with hunting, which can be pretty tricky for beginners.


However, being aware of specific tips and hacks which will enhance your progress can surely help you make significant progress. Thus, we bring you a list of Best Ark Survival Cheats for ARK Survival Evolved, which will help you play more efficiently.


Manage Your Inventory Properly

It is essential to manage your inventory for the game, especially if you are learning to play. Learning to manage your inventory can surely help you in the long run. You need different resources to overcome the challenges that you may encounter. This is where this inventory would come to help.

Some essential things that you need in your inventory are repairing tools, Armor, Water containers, meat, bolas, wooden raft, etc.


Pay Attention To Your Environment

Being a beginner, you need to be extra cautious about your environment as it can make or break your success in the game. It is always advisable to make efforts to strengthen your senses while planning about things you may need.

Also, try to avoid swimming as the ocean is inhabited by different dangerous creatures, for example, Mega piranhas. Also, if you plan to swim, it is better to dive underwater. Well, this would keep you protected against insects.

You can even ensure to carry extra torches and warm blankets and clothing to keep you safe during cold weather if you reside near a cold biome.


Gather Your Resources Well

There are different ways to gather your resources in the game of ARK. The most common way is picking off a stone and also punching the nearby trees to gather thatch.

Also, it would help if you were careful about gathering nodes, resulting in diverse materials depending on what you are using to harvest them. For example, you will get mostly thatch when you use your fist, while a Stone Hatch will give you wood.


Your Assets are Valuable

Assets are known to be valuable. Protecting your home base from destructive players as well as dinosaurs is essential. Many players tend to start a fight when they are near their home base or but. Try to challenge and fight with them when they are away from your house. But do not do this because it can destroy your house.

Figure Out Things On Your Own

You won’t come across multiple modes in this game. Also, there is a story mode for you to uncover. Thus, you need to figure out things that you need to do on your own in this game to protect your home base. You can attack more dinosaurs and get unique rewards. Try to shoot the dinosaurs when you are away from your home base to win and play efficiently.


Do Not Be Afraid To Die

Many players feel they shouldn’t die by getting caught in the water or being hit by a dinosaur. Do not ever get frightened to die and begin again, as you will notice that when you start playing initially, you aren’t efficient enough. But as you get the go-ahead, you start playing well. So don’t be afraid to die again and again. It will help you gain more experience and get better every passing day.


Build Your Home in a Good Place

You should be fascinated by the map and understand where to build your home. South zone 3 is a fantastic spot to build a good home base. Make sure that you build your house at a proper place; this would help you protect your home well and enjoy the gameplay more efficiently.



ARK Survival Evolved is an adventurous game that tests your survival skills. It may be pretty tricky for a beginner to overcome the challenges that the game throws your way. Thus, it is advisable to take help from the tips mentioned above if you are starting the game. Happy gaming!

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