Doomwalkers Survival War v1.4.3 Apk Latest

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Doomwalkers Survival War ApkWe survived the after nuclear fallout, welcome to the Wastelands! Play this brand new Wasteland Survival Strategy MMO game for free!

What would you do if you lead a settlement of survivors in a Post-nuclear Apocalypse?

Would you work the land, scavenge the legacy of the old world and strife for survival?
Would you expand your reign, renovate the human civilization and eventually rebuild a new world?
Or would you walk down the path of a Doomsday Warlord?

It’s all up to you!

Doomwalkers Survival War Apk Features:

-Start from a mere settlement and build up to be the beacon of civilization
-Employ wasteland heroes: Raiders, Mercenaries, Mad Scientist, even non-human characters!
-Craft Equipments from Junks and get armed to the teeth

-Chat with global players, make friends and enemies
-Join an alliance and help each other in the unforgiving Wasteland
-Trade your surplus stuff to your alliance and get what you need the most.
-Fight alongside with your friends, claim territories and conquer enemies that you can never deal with on your own.

-Battles are no longer matches of numbers. Deploying the units right allows you to win over enemies far stronger than you.
-Tired of attacking only the stationary towns? Intercept your enemies on their way and plunder whatever supplies they have with the troops!
-Someone pissed you off? Rally your friends, lay a lasting siege on him, and wipe his settlement off the map!
-Show no mercy in this zone of madness of the doomsday!

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Screenshots Of Doomwalkers Survival War Apk v1.4.3 Latest

Doomwalkers Survival War Apk Doomwalkers Survival War Apk Doomwalkers Survival War Apk

Game Requirements:

Android – 4.0+

Version – 1.4.3

Size – 40 MB

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