DroidCam Pro Apk v6.10 Patched Full Download

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DroidCam Pro Apk

DroidCam Pro Apk is a helpful program that converts your phone’s camera into a wireless webcam that can be connected to your PC by USB cable, Bluetooth, or WiFi. The DroidCam Pro program uses a PC client component that installs webcam drivers and connects your computer to your Android smartphone. The DroidCam Pro app’s official website offers Windows and Linux clients.


This is more than simply a camera program because it can be installed on a computer and used with an Android smartphone. In this scenario, though, you will have to pay some money and get the premium version. Despite knowing how valuable this program is, customers choose to utilize the ordinary or free version, which works well on Android handsets. DroidCam wireless pro-APK is completely free to use, and if you’re still using the normal version of the web camera.

DroidCam Pro APK Features

Even if you already know that this program is nothing more than a wireless webcam that works well on an Android phone, here are some of its important advantages.


  • WebCam Video in High Definition

The superb quality of the video is one of the top reasons why you should use this program. This program may be used in a variety of situations, such as using your Android phone as a camera during a professional or informal meeting. The camera makes use of MJPEG, which is a type of internet compression technique. If you want to utilize it for any reason, the app will provide you with the highest video quality you’ve ever seen. You can also use it as a security camera or a pet camera to keep an eye on objects around your house or any other location you want to keep an eye on.


  • There are several control options available

When utilizing the DroidCam pro APK program, the most important thing to consider is how you can control it in general. Because, unlike other apps, the DroidCam pro has a lot of useful functions, the 720P video quality is very clear, and you won’t have any problems with it. You can adjust the brightness, flash, focusing, and a variety of other features to suit your needs. Whether you’re zooming in or out, the camera program will not lag while doing so. Everything is in your control, whether it’s mirroring, flipping, or increasing/decreasing the contrast. Customize it to your needs and adjust the camera accordingly.


  • Wireless Capabilities

The ability to operate wirelessly is one of the main reasons why you should always utilize a droid cam application. There is no need to utilize a cable; simply download the app and begin utilizing it for a variety of purposes. This program may be used to stream on Twitch, YouTube, Discord, or any other streaming service. So, if you’re getting a lot of positive feedback from this software, thank the people who created it.


The program may also run in the background without causing any problems. You may run this program in the background, and it can also operate with other apps that are open at the same time. You may also use your smartphone or PC to stream the video and begin recording; simply click the recording button, and it will begin.


  • It Is Simple and Safe to Use

If you do not plan to use any of the cracked versions, DroidCam APK is one of the safest programs. Despite the fact that numerous websites try to persuade you of the benefits of downloading the cracked version, we do not encourage it. Instead, the DroidCamx pro APK program is the safest and most feature-rich. There is a lot of capability that comes with utilizing a DroidCam that you won’t find in any other app. Additionally, the creators behind this fantastic program are working tirelessly to ensure that it is bug-free and that any necessary updates are released.

DroidCam Pro Apk

More Feature of DroidCam Pro APK

On the app, you may access and enjoy the following wonderful features. All you have to do now is get your hands on a copy of the file.


  • Connects to the internet through WiFi or a USB cord.
  • In HD Mode, you may enjoy 720p movie quality.
  • FPS Boost is a setting that allows you to increase the number of frames per second.
  • You have the option of using other apps while connected to someone on the app.
  • You may use a browser or any other mobile phone or tablet to access your device’s camera.
  • Flash, autofocus, and zoom are just a handful of the built-in camera controls.
  • Pictures from the video call can be saved to your phone or external storage.
  • Simple to use, instantly connects to the internet, and works well on sluggish networks.

Droidcam pro apk download

To transform your smartphone into a camera, you’ll need to download and install some software on both your phone and your computer. Follow the instructions below to install and download software on your smartphone.


  • To begin, get the Apk file.
  • After that, go to the security settings and enable unknown sources, as well as all of the permissions necessary to install this program.
  • It will just take a few seconds to download the Apk file, so be patient.
  • Now open your file manager and locate the downloaded Apk file, which you should now install on your smartphone.
  • Launch the app on your smartphone after the installation is complete.
  • On your smartphone, the process is complete.
  • Now On the PC where you wish to connect your smartphone, download the Windows client.
  • The Windows client installs it on your PC after a successful download. Follow the setup wizard’s installation steps to install the client software.
  • The DroidCam app icon will appear on your desktop when you complete the process on your PC. Now click on it to open it.
  • In the meanwhile, open the DroidCam Pro App on your Android phone.
  • You will receive an IP number on your smartphone after linking both applications to the same internet connection.
  • To connect both devices, type these numbers into your computer.
  • If you do not have the same internet connection on both devices, it will not operate.
  • It will automatically connect both devices after providing the IP address. Before you use your PC, verify the audio and visual quality.
  • After you’ve double-checked everything, press the start button. The app will immediately open the camera, and you’re ready to start broadcasting.


These are the greatest features of Droidcam Pro APK that you may take advantage of once you start using it. Despite the fact that there are numerous cracked copies of this fantastic program available. There should be no problems if you get the pro version of Droidcam Wireless Webcam pro apk. Use this Droidcam APK as you choose; as previously said, the functionality of this program changes depending on the user’s perspective. DroidCam Premium APK is completely risk-free to use.

DroidCam Pro Apk

App Requirements:

Android – Varies with device

Version – 6.10

Size – 1.4 MB

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