Genetic Helper Apk Download v1.4 Paid Latest

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Genetic Helper ApkTranscribing and translating genetic sequences by hand is a time consuming process that many biology students spend hours doing over and over. This application accelerates this process by allowing your phone to look look up the coding sequences and calculate the results many many thousands of times faster than a human can. It also detects some mutations where one or more base pairs are missing, and this is also helpful for detecting typos. It ignores foreign characters commonly mistyped that would cause issues with similar apps

More features are on their way such as Punnet square calculation systems for squares of arbitrary length.

The app is stable and fast on every device I test it on, simply tap on the text box for the appropriate type of genetic sequence (DNA, complimentary DNA, messenger RNA, or transmission RNA), type in the sequence, tap on the Transcribe button and it will fill in the other boxes incredibly fast.

What’s New
Added French translation and fixed a typo.

Screenshots Of Genetic Helper Apk Download v1.4 Paid Latest

Genetic Helper Apk Genetic Helper Apk Genetic Helper Apk

App Requirements:

Android – 4.4+

Version – 1.4

Size – 1 MB

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