hoichoi Mod Apk Download v2.3.92 (No Ads)

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hoichoi Mod Apk

Hoichoi is a renowned Bengali OTT platform. In India and Bangladesh, the app is immensely popular. It has over 500 films and a number of exclusive online programs and materials. Many movies are available within two weeks after their theatrical debut. We understand you’re seeking a functioning Hoichoi mod. And now it’s arrived. We are providing you with the most recent Hoichoi mod apk for free.

Hoichoi Mod Apk Features

This is a complete list of the app’s incredible features:

  • Have a good time with the unique and original web series

To begin with, Android users at Hoichoi have access to an incredible web series that they may watch and enjoy anytime they want. You may choose from over 500 different episodes of unique and original programs, with new shows being added every week. you’ll always have access to the most recent and greatest Bengali movies and TV programs.


  • Select your favorite Bengali films from a variety of categories

Android users may start exploring one of the largest databases of Bengali movies as you dig into the fantastic Bengali movie genres on Hoichoi. Thousands of different movies from various genres may be found here. Choose any of your favorite genres and watch your favorite movies while you’re at it. With new movies being uploaded all the time, exploring your whole movie library will take an eternity.


  • Download and view your favorite movies without an internet connection

Users may also download and watch their favorite movies offline on their mobile devices for a more comfortable Hoichoi experience. As a consequence, you may now watch movies whenever and wherever you choose. When you’re caught in traffic or just don’t want to wait for your movies to load and buffer every time you view them online, have a good time. You may make your own library of wonderful Bengali movies straight on your mobile devices with the awesome offline movies option.


  • Enjoy ad-free experiences

We’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to enjoy your favorite movie while being interrupted by obnoxious advertisements. Android users, on the other hand, will not see any adverts when viewing their favorite program using Hoichoi. So when you’re ready, you may enjoy your pleasant and flawless movie experiences in Hoichoi. Users will be able to fully appreciate your films if you provide them with ad-free material.


  • Thousands of fantastic Bengali music are available to enjoy

Those who are interested, on the other hand, may listen to hundreds of great Bengali Hoichoi songs, which provide pleasant music-streaming experiences. All of your favorite Bengali songs are now available on your mobile devices. You may listen to great music on the go by accessing them anytime you want. Your favorite music and videos may also be downloaded for offline consumption, much like movies.


  • Compatible with a variety of Android devices

Hoichoi provides comprehensive support for all Android platforms to make the app more pleasant and accessible on your Android smartphones. You may have wonderful multimedia entertainment experiences on your phones with various screen sizes, or you can enjoy your immersive TV with a massive 50-inch screen. Alternatively, you may use the Windows or iOS versions of the software to use Hoichoi on your laptop.


  • Feel free to use Hoichoi’s cross-device experiences and have fun

You may use this fantastic mobile app anytime and wherever you wish. Furthermore, Hoichoi is compatible with your Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and webcast. Enjoy the most immersive movie experiences on your mobile devices by using the Chromecast choices.


  • Mobile app with a small data footprint

If you’re interested, Hoichoi also has a light and quick mobile app that only takes up a little amount of storage on your Android device. As a result, having the program loaded on your mobile devices will be reasonably handy for you. When you’re ready, take advantage of reduced data usage to ensure seamless and pleasurable experiences.


  • Create your own watch list and watch your favorite movies whenever you want

On the other side, if you’re surfing and come across a terrific film but don’t have time to see it, it’s a waste of time. Simply add your movie to your watch list, and you’ll be able to view the rest of your favorites anytime you choose. Enjoy limitless HD streaming while watching the high-quality films on your watch list.


  • Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and English subtitles

The app will be your first-class ticket to the world of fascinating Bengali cultures for English speakers. That being said, in addition to movies, TV shows, and music, you may study and enjoy amazing Bengali entertainment. Never be bothered by a language barrier again since the app gives you access to the finest shows with incredible localizations and English subtitles.


  • It is completely free to use

The app provides a free trial that you may utilize for a set number of days to expose customers to your Bengali experiences. Feel free to use all of the available features and watch fantastic movies anytime you like.


  • With our mod, you’ll be able to unlock it

On the other side, you may download our customized version of the program to get all of the fully unlocked Hoichoi adventures for free. Have fun attempting to install Hoichoi Mod APK from our website; just follow the directions and you’ll be fine. You will now have access to the full universe of Bengali, which you may enjoy anytime you choose.

hoichoi Mod Apk

Download and install Hoichoi MOD apk for Android:

  • The apk may be downloaded here.
  • If you haven’t already, enable app installation from sources other than the Play Store.
  • Go to settings> search for ‘unknown’> install unknown sources> activate the program you wish to install.
  • Install and launch the app now.


hoichoi Mod Apk

For PC, get Hoichoi MOD Apk:

  • To begin, download the Bluestacks android emulator from this link.
  • Run the application when it has been installed on your computer.
  • Then, on your computer, download the mod apk from this website.
  • Drag and drop the apk file into the bluestacks window; the apk will be installed on your computer.
  • Have fun with the software.



Hoichoi is a unique entertainment software for Bengalis and other people from all over the world. Users may choose from a large selection of movies, TV programs, and music. More significantly, we provide Hoichoi MOD APK with all premium features unlocked so you may watch it without advertisements. It would provide you with the greatest possible user experience.

hoichoi Mod Apk

hoichoi Mod Apk App Requirements:

Android – 5.0+

Version – 2.3.92

Size – 49MB

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