How to Log into Someone’s Instagram Without Them Knowing

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Ever thought of how to log into someone’s Instagram anonymously? Probably believe it is impossible without being a hacker? Fortunately, that’s not true. Learning to log into someone’s Instagram account is super easy and will come in handy if you want to track people that are dear to you.

Here is what you need to know to gain access to someone’s Instagram activities.

What Makes Instagram So Popular?

At the mention of Instagram, users familiar with this social network are already thinking about videos and images. And that’s exactly what makes Instagram so captivating. Users can spend hours on the platform looking through thousands of posts without giving it too much thought.

At the same time, Instagram may be quite a dangerous place. Especially for kids and teenagers who can find uncensored adult content, face bullying, or get the wrong idea of their body image. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Private messages that people share on Instagram can pose even more threats.

That’s why, if you want to protect your loved ones, who are active Instagram users, it may be necessary to take proper measures to monitor their activity on the platform.

mSpy Solution

The best solution is to never leave your kids without supervising, including their online activities. And the most convenient app that can come in handy is mSpy, monitoring software that, once installed on the device, gathers all the information about its owner, including their Instagram activity.

First of all, mSpy keylogging feature is an essential tool to log into someone’s Instagram to check what they do online. It is a key recorder that captures everything the target user types on their device. That way, you can not only read all their messages but also get access to their credentials and use them to log into their Instagram directly. This app can also help you to see incognito history on phone if it is needed.

But mSpy solution for Instagram is not limited to a keylogger. mSpy also offers an Instagram tracker that ensures your children get adequate monitoring. It offers an encompassing solution that covers all teens’ Instagram activity. If you are opting for this option to log into someone’s Instagram, you will discover the following:

Other Methods to Log into Someone’s Instagram

We understand the importance of supervising your children in today’s world. That was why we took a step further to search for other methods to track your kids. If it is possible to log into someone’s Instagram without them knowing, guardians can rest assured of children’s safety. Other applicable methods include:


Using Passwords Saved in Browser

This is one of the simplest ways to sneak into your teen’s Instagram account. This approach requires no technicalities other than checking the target user’s browser when they are not aware. By gaining access to their login details, you can see the messages, followers, and shared content.

Whether Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, an option exists on this software to see saved passwords. It is usually on the setting page of the browser.


Reset Their Password

Changing their password is another method to hack into any Instagram account. Some risks are associated with this option, but it will be helpful to keep an eye on your teenagers. Like using the password saved, the target phone must be with you. The best time to get the mobile device is when the owner leaves it to attend to other things.

However, you will need to follow a few steps to get the password to log into someone’s Instagram:

  • Go to the Instagram login page
  • Enter the target user’s email
  • Click on Forgot Password and follow the prompt instructions
  • Pick the new password and use it to log in on your device.

This method comes with a few cons. First of all, you need to know the target person’s email. Secondly, you need access to their device to confirm the change via their email. All of these make it a very risky endeavor.


Hopefully, the highlighted options will help you log into someone’s Instagram without their knowledge. Especially, you should pay attention to monitoring apps like mSpy that were developed especially for that purpose.

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