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SpaceCrafter RPG Apk#Online Game#

SpaceCrafter RPG is a space military strategy that combines the elements of a clicker. Your task is to develop your spacecraft in any way possible and send it into battle against various enemies at various levels of difficulty.

You have to explore the technology of the future, learn the skills and abilities of the crew, improve weapons, defense systems and combat control. To gain superiority over any opponent, you need to think in advance about the tactics of the battle, to decide on what characteristics you need to focus at the moment.

Are you ready for serious challenges?


★ Six unique classes of ships , each of which has its own role in the game. You always need to take into account the merits of your ship and the shortcomings of the enemy ship.
★ Mass of opportunities and hundreds of possible choices. You can create any kind of ship using various combinations of modules, crew, crystals, skills, abilities and technologies.
★ Advanced combat system , which uses nearly two dozen characteristics for each spacecraft. Even minor changes in any parameter will immediately affect your combat capability.
★ Nonlinear pumping , in which the improvement of some characteristics may adversely affect others. You will always seek a compromise between efficiency and versatility, which greatly add interest to the game.

Questions and Answers

Where and how to extract resources?
The main game resources (credits, tech. Points and energy) you can mine in any desired quantity in the tab “Mining”. Select the desired resource and click on the extraction button.

How are the fights going?
The fights in the game are automatic and take place in a unique turn-based system. You can not influence the outcome of the battle directly. You can find out more information about the combat system in the help section (in the game menu).

What does a battery affect? ​​
During the battle, the battery of your ship will be charged. When it is charged to the maximum your ship will be able to use a super attack.

How to use skills?
The skill is activated simultaneously with the super attack.

What if I win all the time?
Before you join the battle, you need to carefully study the characteristics of the enemy, to understand his strengths and weaknesses. Then you need to prepare your own ship: choose the most appropriate skill, reassign the crew, pick up the necessary crystals. Only such a strategy game will lead you to victory!

The galaxy is waiting for its hero! Join us!

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SpaceCrafter RPG Apk SpaceCrafter RPG Apk SpaceCrafter RPG Apk

Game Requirements:

Android – 5.0+

Version – 1.0.8

Size – 23 MB

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