TextNow PREMIUM Apk Download v21.37.0.1 Unlocked, Mod

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text now premium apk

TextNow is one of the most popular communication-based apps, allowing users to send and receive limitless texts and calls without disclosing their real phone numbers. This program provides users with a distinct virtual phone number, which allows us to manage text messages for our personal and professional lives independently. You may also use TextNow calling services to contact your relatives and friends in the United States and Canada.

This software also has a video messaging feature, which allows you to effortlessly send movies to your friends and family. When the phone numbers they give you don’t work for other firms that demand phone number verification, you’ll have to surrender your primary number and request a new one.

text now premium apk

TextNow Mod APK Features

TextNow has a beautiful and clean user interface, and it is always working to improve the aspects that consumers care about. This software contains a database of over 50 million active users from all around the world.

As a result, I’ve highlighted some of TextNow’s features below. If you are a new user and are unsure whether or not to download this modified version of the program, the following features will undoubtedly assist you in making your decision.

  • Premium has been unlocked

Textnow’s premium subscription includes a variety of premium services such as unlimited calling and texting, message syncing, an ad-free experience, and more. However, if you want to utilize all of them, you must purchase a premium subscription for real money.

So I provided a modified version of Textnow Apk that unlocks all of the premium features and allows you to use them indefinitely without spending a dime.

  • Ad-free environment

In the standard edition of the TextNow app, several sorts of advertising come up when using the app, slowing down the app’s performance and consuming more data.

As a result, we’ve integrated cutting-edge ad blocker technology to eliminate annoying advertising.

  • Calls and SMS messages are unlimited

This is the major feature of Textnow APK, which allows you to make limitless free phone calls to any number in the United States and Canada. You may also send unlimited text and picture messages at no charge.

  • Bonuses

As we all know, in order to call abroad from the United States and Canada, we need calling credit, which we can purchase from the app store or earn by completing offers that cost money or data.

You will never run out of credits after installing TextNow Premium Apk, which I published in this post, and you will be able to make limitless international calls.

  • Passcode and smart lock from Google

The most useful feature of the TextNow APK is Google smart lock, which remembers users’ passwords across many websites and recommends them quickly when they attempt to log in.

  • International Calling at a Low Cost

If you live in India and want to contact someone in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada, you’ll need to top up your phone with more than 1000 INR. And this enormous recharge only lasts a month, which is too expensive. However, if you use the TextNow MOD APK, you may call someone in the US or Canada for free if you use a Canadian phone number. Even if you need to contact someone in the United Kingdom or another country, you may use your TextNow wallet to make the lowest recharges and chat with little credits.

text now premium apk

How to Get TextNow Mod Apk, Install It, and Use It?

  • First and foremost, you must remove the current TextNow app from your smartphone.
  • Then, using the download link below, get the TextNow mod APK.
  • Go to Android Settings > Security after downloading the TextNow mod APK file.
  • Turn on the option for ‘Unknown Sources,’ which asks for permission to install third-party programs. Allow it to work.
  • Return to the download folder and double-click the TextNow Mod APK file to begin the installation process.

Features of the latest Textnow update version:

  • You may make and receive phone calls.
  • Emojis, stickers, and Gifs are all popular.
  • Send, receive, and store images with full picture messaging.
  • Transcription of Voicemail: a transcript of your voicemail.
  • Caller ID is a feature that allows you to see who is calling
  • Keep your messages secure with a passcode.
  • No need to remember your password with Google Smart Lock.
  • Call Forwarding is a service that allows you to forward calls from one
  • Signatures: Sign each text with your own signature.
  • Text tone, ringtone, and vibration may all be customized.
  • Backgrounds that can be changed.
  • Individual contacts should have their own ringtone and backdrop.
  • To easily (and quickly) react to your pals, use Quick Reply.
  • Launch TextNow, create a new message or make a fast call from the home screen widget.
  • TextNow’s unified inbox allows you to send and receive messages in one place.
  • TextNow is an all-in-one SMS messaging program.
  • com also allows you to send text messages from your computer.
  • All communications are synchronized with your mobile device in real-time.


TextNow MOD APK is a fantastic modification that is well worth your effort and internet connection. It’s a high-tech program that allows you to make low-cost international calls as well as send text and photo messages. It’s a real program with strong security features and a completely ad-free interface. So download it right now and start saving money on international calling and messaging.

TextNow PREMIUM Apk Download v21.37.0.1 Unlocked, Mod

text now premium apk

TextNow PREMIUM App Requirements:

Android – Varies with device

Version –

Size – 37 Mb

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