Torque Pro Apk (OBD 2 & Car) v1.12.32 Patched

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torque pro apk

Torque Pro is one of the most powerful and current tools for modern automobiles, its design, and interface layout are unique and user-friendly. Of course, it also comes with a plethora of versatile and diversified customization options, allowing users to personalize and tweak the interface in a variety of ways. On the main page, all relevant media information will be organized into several categories or folders, and some performances may be automatically shown based on privacy settings. Not only that but everything can be immediately changed, making monitoring easier and more varied by allowing users to set up two displays with a differing performance at the same time.



The following is a list of the app’s most interesting features:


  • All autos with OBD support should work well.

Torque Pro now supports all automobiles that comply with the OBD standard, ensuring that you can make use of all of the app’s exciting features. As a consequence, all of your automobiles constructed after 2000 may be compatible with this technology. The OBD standard may also be found on automobiles dating back to 1996. As a result, you should have no trouble using the fantastic mobile app and its features on the vast majority of your automobiles.

  • Vehicle measures that are both practical and intuitive

And, with Torque Pro installed, Android users can simply monitor their systems using a variety of relevant and easy measures. To begin, use the Dynamometer to determine your vehicle’s horsepower and torque. Unlock the different transmission temperatures on several devices. Use the useful speed timings to determine how long it takes your car to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour.


Additionally, if CO2 emissions are important to you, select automobiles will enable this readout in Torque Pro. Unlock the MPG (mile per gallon) to simply assess your vehicle’s economy. Unlock the MAP and MAF sensors for precise pressure and airflow measurements. All of the acquired data is then shown on the user-friendly graphs, allowing you to quickly monitor and examine it.


  • For optimal results, personalize your dashboard and profile.

For those who are interested, Torque Pro now allows you to personalize your dashboard and profiles, making the program more useful. Adjust your dashboard’s prioritized reads to only show the selected measurements. Also, the software will modify its profiles to work better on your various automobiles.


  • The Track Recorder allows for easy video excursions.

Users may enable the Track Recorder plugin in Torque Pro to ensure that they are adequately prepared for any eventualities when driving. You’ll be able to record your journey while overlaying OBDII data. As a result, it becomes a reachable black box for your vehicles, which is critical for lengthy and long excursions.


  • Get access to a vast database of failure codes.

Also, if you ever need to check up any fault codes on any cars you come across, feel free to use Torque Pro’s huge database, which offers straightforward searches for all codes. Simply choose your chosen manufacturers and let the app search for the defects you want to fix. All of this will help you get the most out of the app, even if it isn’t compatible with your vehicle.


  • Have fun experimenting with various themes.

Users may choose from a variety of theme settings to make the app more attractive and accessible. Each theme set has its own unique dashboard design. Have fun customizing your gadgets’ appearances and using all of their capabilities anytime you choose.


  • Send logging data anytime you need it.

You may also provide your information via websites or emails if you want to share logs files of Torque Pro’s operations on your automobiles. Allow the usage of relevant and accessible CSV or KML files in Excel or Open Office Reader for simpler analysis.


  • For nighttime driving, use the heads-up display.

When driving at night, it’s critical to maintain your eyes on the road and prevent distractions. As a consequence, Torque Pro will provide the heads-up display functionality on many of the vehicles it supports. This will allow you to concentrate entirely on driving while simultaneously keeping an eye on the metrics.


  • You can easily track and measure your GPS location.

Android users in Torque Pro may quickly check for GPS Speedometer and Tracking to observe their directions and the current status of the engine at that point in time, thanks to the accessible GPS functions. Also, feel free to enable the helpful Compass, which is based on GPS and is unaffected by magnetic interference. While you’re on the road, the app will actively send GPS-tagged tweets to your Twitter profiles, ensuring that everyone is aware of your whereabouts.


  • To improve your experience, enable alerts and warnings.

For those who are interested, Torque Pro’s amazing alarms and warnings, which give numerous valuable notifications for improved driving experiences, are now available to test out. Now, the app will continuously monitor your system and provide you with safety alerts if anything important happens. As a result, you’ll feel protected and informed when driving using the app.


  • Take and share screenshots with ease.

To add to the app’s appeal, Android users can now take easy screenshots of their Torque Pro dashboard and share them across various social media platforms. To preserve your crucial screenshots, activate the screen capture and sharing settings.

Enable the Telnet interface to communicate with the app more effectively.

Android users may always have fun with the helpful Telnet interface in Torque Pro on any compatible car. You may now activate the AIDL API for third-party apps and use voice commands to control the system.


  • Work on other Android tablet devices as well.

Last but not least, Torque Pro works well on a variety of tablet devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak, Motorola Xoom, and many more, ensuring that you can use the software on any Android device.

Torque Apk

Torque Pro Apk Download & Install

Download this particular scanner to your phone and obtain all of the information you need on your Android for free. It works with nearly all Android phones, and all you need is a Bluetooth connection and an OBD 2 converter to use it. That is all there is to it.

  • First and foremost, you must download and install this software when it has finished installing.
  • Go to your phone’s settings.
  • Select Security.
  • Investigate Unknown Sources
  • Toggle it on by clicking it.
  • Go to the folder where you saved the downloaded file and choose the APK file.
  • Install should be selected.
  • Installing the APK on your phone takes some time.
  • You may now use the app on your phone.

Torque Apk


The Torque Pro app for Android is fantastic OBD2 software. It includes a number of characteristics and tasks that can help you troubleshoot your car. It’s also a fantastic tool for reading certain parts of your automobile or driving.


Torque Pro Apk (OBD 2 & Car) v1.12.32 Latest

Torque Apk

Torque Pro App Requirements:

Android – 2.0+

Version – 1.12.32

Size – 12 MB

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