Free Online Games that will give you a Good Break

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How do you take a break from the mundane routinary activities at home or at work? Do you sleep, eat or go shopping? What about playing games on the computer in the comfort of home?

Did you know that simple and easy-to-play online games are good stress-reliever from pressure that we experience every day? A good game online can provide a quick escape and can simply take your body and mind off of anything that is making you busy.

Great news because there is classic online board games that is now accessible via the browser. You can absolutely play them for free and are a good source of entertainment. When you play this kind of game, you are leisurely taking a break while exercising the brain.

Check out some of those virtual board games that are worthy of your time.

Kingdom Wars

This game may seem so simple, but it requires a lot of strategizing. Your objective here is to collect a lot of money so you can buy and build properties. The game starts by rolling the dice so you can move on the board. If the player landed on the free plot of land, he will be offered the opportunity to buy it. Meanwhile, if a player landed on a plot that is already owned by another player, the player must pay rent for his stay.


The game also has tiles for jail and the chance card styled locations. If a player landed in jail, he could choose to pay 25 gold ransom to get out of jail or miss 3 turns. The player still earns from rents on his properties while in jail, therefore when there are many free properties it makes sense to pay to get out of jail, but when most properties are owned by the opponents, you better stay in jail rather than paying the release ransom. You can increase your rent by building houses on your properties. Remember, the sale rate is far below the purchase price so be careful when investing your money. Placing at least 1 home on each property can generate higher rent. You have to own multiple property sets in a row so you can have a great chance of winning. You win by driving all the opposing players under, or you lose when you run out of money & can no longer establish a positive balance even after selling off all your properties.


Master Chess

Chess is undeniably the most popular board game in the world. It is played by both the young and the old ones because it is a very interesting and entertaining game that challenges the mind.

In this virtual chess game with 8×8 board, you can play against the computer by choosing single player mode or select two players to play versus another human by sharing your computer. You can choose from 3 difficulty levels when playing against the computer.

White pieces are controlled by the first player, while the black pieces belong to the computer or second player. Players follow the standard chess rules. If you are playing against the computer, make sure to play quickly to get a high score.

The site actually features a lot of types and kinds of online games that will entertain both the young and old players. Playing online video games at the comfort of home is the best way to take some time off. You are safe and you enjoy moments with the whole family.

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