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NetShare Pro Apk

NetShare Pro is a sophisticated program that allows you to tether your device through WiFi, USB, or Bluetooth. Most significantly, creating a hotspot does not need root access. Use WiFi or Bluetooth to share your data with others, or use a USB cord to exchange data with your laptop or PC. This Tethering management software for Android has a number of complex features that make it one of the most popular.


Features of NetShare Pro APK

NetShare uses the same technology as Hotspot, but it offers more appealing features and enables users to connect wirelessly with a steadier connection. Users may safely broadcast a Hotspot without being discovered by other users, as well as construct a private tunnel with passwords and random link codes, using this program. If the user wishes to connect to the device’s Hotspot, all they have to do is type in the Hotspot name and password, and they’ll have unlimited Wifi from their phone.

  • A user-friendly and simple interface

NetShare is a smartphone application that functions similarly to the standard Hotspot technology, with a simple UI and no user customization options. Its user interface is meant to look like a regular listing, and it will show the user all of the app’s capabilities. Furthermore, the software will provide users with two options for selecting the main color for the interface, bright mode, and dark mode, as well as changing the typeface and other features for easier navigation inside the app. The main screen of the program offers all of the information required to set up a hotspot or tethering connection. The user needs a basic interface that is not overly sophisticated and has all of the functions in one location.

  • Tethering with other devices or creating a hotspot

Although customers may establish a password for their Hotspot, it is an advanced technology that is quickly detected by other users once enabled. Users may modify their Hotspot statuses, such as secret or public, and even activate passwords for them while utilizing “NetShare.” The program will generate passwords and even a basic name so that people may simply connect with you. Users may operate more effectively in public using “NetShare,” and they won’t be exposed when the Hotspot is turned on. With the only Hotspot, even the connection will be ensured, and consumers will enjoy the greatest possible experience. You don’t have access to Wifi, but you do have access to 4G data?

  • Easy steps for tethering

When connecting to a Hotspot, the Tethering function will be a better option if your laptop requires Internet access. Tethering, whether wired or through the USB port, concentrates the whole Internet connection and speed on a single target. Tethering also requires the user to install “NetShare” on their laptop, then input the link and password to begin the procedure. User 4G data may limit transfer speed and capacity, but Tethering removes such restrictions, allowing users to function at their full potential. Everything will be perfect if the user has a lot of 4G data and can utilize it for an extended period of time.

  • Click to get around the hotspot block

You will not have 4G data yet still need to connect to the internet? Then “NetShare” will help you circumvent all nearby Hotspots. Wifi modems, on the other hand, cannot be bypassed since they are more secure. Users may seek a hotspot from the crowd, select the one with the best reliable connection, and connect. If the Hotspot has a password block, the program will bypass it while the other party is unaware of it, even if the user is hidden. In contrast, if a user connects to a public Hotspot, they may utilize the interface’s chart to see who is connected and how fast the connection is.

  • Transform your wireless hotspot into a wifi repeater

Do you believe your WiFi connection is unstable because it is too far away? Don’t worry, “NetShare” will handle everything. The program can not only enable users to construct a hotspot using 4G, but it can also operate as a wifi repeater. When a user is too far away from the Wifi router, the connection speed degrades. Still, with the Wifi Repeater function, it will improve, allowing consumers to experience a second Wifi Router. To improve transmission density, users only need to connect to a public Wifi router and use the Hotspot option. Instead of using 4G to build a Hotspot, users may create a personal Wifi router by connecting to the public Wifi in the area.

  • Free of charge

Most importantly, this program will not cost you a dime to exchange data with others; everything about it, from installation to use, is entirely free. So go ahead and download it for free from the Google Play Store and start using it.

  • Router

This also acts as a Wi-Fi router, so if you have a data connection on your phone and want to share it with your friends, you can use this app since it acts as a hotspot for other devices.

  • Size

Along with these features, the size of this program is only KBs, so it will not take up much space in the phone’s memory and will not cause any storage concerns.

NetShare Pro Apk

Downloading Netshare Pro Apk for Android?

  • The installation procedure is the same as for other Apk.
  • Apk Download
  • Unknown sources should be enabled.
  • Install should be selected.
  • Activate the app
  • Have fun with the software.



NetShare Apk is a fantastic application for anyone who wants to utilize their device as a Wi-Fi hotspot. It not only gives customers a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, but it also lets them inspect and analyze their internet connection. Netshare Pro Apk is an excellent choice for anyone who needs complete control over their internet connections.

With all of the above characteristics, there is no doubt about the relevance of this mobile application for individuals who wish to stay connected to the internet even while they are away from home.

NetShare Pro Apk

NetShare Pro Apk App Requirements:

Android – 4.1+

Version – 3.2

Size – 1.5 MB

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