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Send To GPS ApkSendToGPS V2.4

Support futher development buying the PRO version and disable the Ads for ever!

Select Poi action (Drive or Show)!

Version which supports Google Maps 7.2 – Added support for more GPS programs

With this application you can send your position, or any other POI, using Google maps to your GPS program, or to your friends.

Currently supported GPS programs are:
-Aura 11
-Aura 12
-Aura 13
-Google Maps
-Don’t panic 4.51

* If you have tested with more GPS programs let me know!


-Hold your finger on Google map to select your point.
-Click the point selected
-Click “Share this place”
-Select SendtoGPS from the list of applications
-Wait for the app to load your coordinates
-Choose your favorite GPS program

You can also set your GPS program as favorite so you do not have to find it over the long list again!

So why this program helps me???

– You can use Google maps search and send the poi to your GPS program. This way you use Google maps search engine which is more advanced than other programs. Also you do not use Google navigation which needs data connection!
-You can share your Lat,Lon with your friends
-You can share your favorite POI Lat,Lon with your friends
-You can copy paste your Lat,Lot

If you are having a problem please contact over my email me to resolve it. If you vote and just write your problem I can not help you! I will be very glad to receive your thoughts!

Please note that you should have the gps programs installed, otherwise if you select a program that is not installed the program will launch other similar program.
Thanks for using it!

The application is TESTED with all the above mentioned programs. If something does not work for you please DO NOT RATE NEGATIVE. Please contact me.

Screenshots Of Send To GPS Apk Unlocked v2.5 Download Latest

Send To GPS Apk Send To GPS Apk Send To GPS Apk

App Requirements:

Android – 3.0+

Version – 2.5+

Size – 0.6 MB

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