Spotify Premium Apk Download Cracked v8.6.86.1231 [Mod]

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spotify premium apk

Spotify Music blew away music streaming services like Google Play Music and Sound cloud, soon becoming the most well-known music streaming service available online. Spotify offers two versions: one is the basic free version, which allows you to stream any song but includes advertisements and a set of restrictions that may be eliminated if you upgrade to the premium version. You’ll learn how to get Spotify Premium APK and Spotify Lite MOD APK in this post if you’ve always desired to utilize Spotify Premium for free.


What is Spotify Premium APK and how does it work?

Spotify is a free music streaming service in general. Thousands of songs and millions of playlists are available for free on the app. However, as a free member, you must endure advertisements and listen to low-quality music. You won’t be able to skip around indefinitely, and you won’t be able to listen to songs in HD quality. The MOD APK is essentially a Spotify Premium Free APK that has been tweaked to get the most out of it. Spotify Premium has reached 100 million members, which is an incredible achievement in and of itself. Apple Music, the second-largest music streaming service, does not even come close to those figures. Here’s a rundown of all the features available in the Spotify Premium app.

spotify premium apk

Features of the Spotify Premium Music App:

We’ll look at what Spotify Premium APK has to offer and how it differs from the free version:

  • High-Definition Audio

The sheer difference in audio quality that Spotify Premium APK users receive is one of the key perks that Spotify Premium APK customers enjoy. The premium version allows you to listen to Extreme Audio Quality (up to 320kbps bit rate), whereas the free version only allows you to listen to 96kbps. That’s a huge improvement, and if you’re an audiophile, you’ll notice it right away. Spotify also works with A-list musicians to make unique recordings for Spotify Sessions, the company’s streaming service. You can listen to high-quality recordings of these Spotify Sessions if you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber.

  • Connect with Spotify

Spotify Premium is accessible on a variety of platforms and devices, including Android and iOS smartphones, computers (Windows / Mac / Linux), smart TVs, smart speakers (Amazon Alexa/Google Home), and consoles (PS4 / Xbox One). Furthermore, Spotify Premium’s data sync allows you to manage the music playing on one device from another, which is amazing. For example, you may control the music playing on your PC from your smartphone.

  • Downloads are limitless

The possibility to receive limitless downloads of your favorite music is the most appealing feature of Spotify Mod APK. Which is not accessible in the normal Spotify edition? Regardless of how large your playlist is, whether it’s 100 songs or 10,000; with Spotify premium, you’re covered with unlimited downloads, allowing you to go on a download binge. Offline music may not be for everyone in this day of cheap and limitless data plans, but it may be useful in a variety of scenarios if you have a bad internet connection or are in a distant location.

  • Ad-Free Environment

Ads can be unpleasant for some people, and they can also stand in the way of a great user experience, which Spotify offers. As a result, the premium edition ensures that you enjoy an ad-free experience, whether it’s banner advertising or skip-able video ads. Because the program believes you’re using the premium version in this modified premium version and removes all advertising right away, this is my favorite feature of all, as adverts may ruin your experience.

  • Anywhere you want to listen to

You’ve already read about the premium version’s unlimited downloads, and this is another advantage of doing so: you can take the music you’ve downloaded anywhere in the globe without having to re-download them every time you go. Instead, they’re saved offline on your phone, allowing you to listen to them wherever and whenever you choose, which isn’t feasible with the free version.

  • You have an unlimited number of skips

The option to have limitless Skips is a feature offered only to premium Spotify customers. As a result, you can skip ahead in the playlist without listening to a song you don’t enjoy. You only receive a set number of skips with standard Spotify, so once you’ve skipped a certain number of songs, you won’t be able to skip anymore and will have to listen to the current music being played.

  • Shuffle Play and Repeat indefinitely

With Spotify Mod APK, you also receive limitless shuffles and repetitions, allowing you to play any song an infinite number of times.

  • There is no need to root

The good news is that the Spotify MOD APK does not require root access on your Android device to function. This means you’re fine to go if you have a brand new device and don’t want to root it because it’s still under warranty.

spotify premium apk

Spotify Premium APK Installation

Step 1: You sideload this like any other APK file, and you can get started by downloading the Spotify Premium APK file from the URL provided below.

Step 2: Open your file explorer and look for the downloaded file.

Step 3: After you’ve found the Spotify MOD APK or Spotify Lite APK MOD file, tap on it and select Install.

Step 4: It will begin to install, and after it is complete, launch the app.

Step 5: This is the Spotify premium app that has been modified. It will prompt you to create an account; fill in the necessary information.

Step 6: That’s it; you’re done. As soon as you establish an account, you’ll have access to all of the premium features.

Because the program has been modified, all of the premium features that are available to paying customers have been unlocked, so you will be able to use them for free until Spotify develops a far more powerful security mechanism. Then you might be able to utilize them, but that has yet to be seen, so you can enjoy these premium services for free for the time being.



The modified version of Spotify is ideal for getting all of the premium features and services for free, such as limitless music and other high-quality audio files, no advertising, and unlimited song skip. You may also use the search feature to find the audio you want and save it to listen to later. Spotify Premium APK is limited to audio files and does not include videos like Netflix, but the mod version never falls behind in terms of user experience. You may also use an emulator to install the Spotify Music App on a Windows PC.


Screenshots Of Spotify Premium Apk Download Cracked v8.6.86.1231 [Mod]

spotify premium apk

Spotify Premium App Requirements:

Android – 4.0+

Version –

Size – 26 MB

In order to block ads:
A) Be rooted.
B) Install AdAway.
C) Add or to your sources list.
D) You can try freezing/disabling ProxyHandler.
E) Profit?


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