How to Download Music to Your Phone?

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Want to Download Music to Your Phone? Here Are Some Useful Tips

In this day and age, smartphones are the ultimate device in everybody’s life. The world is connected through the phones that we carry around everywhere. We use our phones every day for recreational use or to look up important information and in every aspect of our lives. Not only are they a carrier of different apps, but they also have a camera and music player –  all in one place. You can listen to music on your phone while commuting to work or before going to bed. If you want to know how to download music to your phone, there are a few ways you can learn.

Your Smartphone App

Your smartphone already has a built-in app for music, which you can use to listen to songs without having to download anything. If you are an Android phone user, your built-in app is called Google Music, and if you are an iPhone user, you have the iTunes app on your phone. You need an internet connection to access these apps. Simply prepare a list of your favorite songs on your built-in app. If you want to listen to these songs offline, you will have to download them. Simply click the download button which is found find next to the songs. You can also download your saved playlist so that you can listen to it at any time even without an internet connection. To download a playlist, look for the “download all” option in your app.

Video to MP3 Online Downloaders

Some websites will allow you to change the format of videos into audio files. You can find many such websites, being one of the most used, without a subscription, where you can download your favorite songs free of charge. You can just add a YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo link to these websites, and they can transfer these videos to audio files and you can even download these videos to watch offline.

Subscription Apps

There are many subscription-based apps for your smartphone which you can find in your app stores like Spotify and Amazon Prime Music. You can listen to live streaming, podcasts, and radio channels and download songs to listen to them offline. You’ll first need to download the app and set up an account. Search for your favorite songs, create a playlist or several ones for every mood like workout songs, work songs, and relaxing music that you can listen to before going to bed. If you don’t mind using your internet connection all the time, you can simply listen to your favorite songs online. However, downloading your songs does not only save your data usage but also ensures uninterrupted music if you’re in a location without a phone signal.

Other Apps

There are many apps that you can find in your Google Play store that give you access to free songs that you can download. You can search online for free music apps or download free music if you don’t want to pay a subscription. These apps include SoundCloud, AudioMack, and YMusic, among others.

You can also  YouTube Music to download your favorite songs. However, you have to be subscribed to YouTube’s premium service. If you are a subscriber, simply open the YouTube Music app. You can download the app from your play store or open it on your mobile browser. Then, simply select your favorite songs or albums and press the download button, which looks like a downward arrow. Once the download is completed, the arrow will change to a check sign. You can then listen to these songs offline whenever you like.

If you download the music on your computer and want to transfer it to your phone, use a USB cable to connect your laptop or desktop to your phone. Make sure to click on the allow permission for your computer to access your phone’s data. If you have a PC, create a new folder to add a copy of the songs you want to transfer to your phone. Then, create another folder in your phone’s memory and label it downloaded music from PC, so that you know which file to access on your phone. If you have a Mac, install an Android file transfer and open it next to your phone’s music folder. The next step is to move the songs you need to transfer from the PC or Mac’s folders to your phone’s music folder. If you want to access these downloaded songs on the YouTube Music app, choose the option to only show the downloaded tracks. Click the Library button and then Download to find all the songs you downloaded from your computer or YouTube Music.

You can try out any of these ways or a combination of them to see which method is the easiest one for you. There are numerous options to download music online, which is the best way to enjoy music offline if you don’t want to use your internet data or if you are in a remote area without an internet connection.

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