What’s New in the 2022 XNSPY APK Version 6.4?

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These days, monitoring apps are highly popular. For 2022, I recommend XNSPY as a distant employees’ phone tracking tool. XNSPY has just released version 6.4 of its APK, adding many new features and bug fixes. XNSPY’s latest APK download now addresses stability fixes, certain performance enhancements, and battery optimization features that were missing from the previous APK version of the app. In this article, I will go through two real-world use cases where the app shines and how you can go about installing it.


XNSPY works on both Android and iOS devices. The app monitors the phone in pure stealth mode and uploads it to the user’s web account, also known as the dashboard. You will be able to view all updates regarding the tracked phone, such as call logs, text messages, screenshots, and geolocation via the online account.


Let’s have a look at what’s new in the latest XNSPY APK version 6.4, as well as the bugs it fixes.


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New Additions in XNSPY APK Version 6.4. 2

Bug Fixes in APK Version 6.4. 2

How to Install XNSPY APK Version 6.4 2022. 3

Pre-Requisites for XNSPY Installation. 3

Step-by-Step Guide to Install XNSPY.. 3


New Additions in XNSPY APK Version 6.4

Plenty of new features and improvements have been added in XNSPY’s latest APK update, making it a more significant patch than the previous one.


·       New IM and Social Media Apps Added

Now popular social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat can be monitored using this latest XNSPY APK release. You can also view Signal and Telegram activity on the monitored device within the Instant Messaging section in the Dashboard.


·       View all Apps Installed on the Device

Users can now track all of the apps installed on their kids’ phones and can block them from within their web account.


·       Ambient Recording Range Increased

The range of an ambient recording is now doubled from 15 feet to 30 feet.


·       Zoom-in Function

Users can now zoom in and out through the instant messaging app conversation screenshots.


·       Scheduling of Automatic Email Tracking

Users can customize the email tracking feature so the app can automatically start monitoring user emails during that period.


·       Improved Audio Bitrate

Upgraded the sound quality of the ambient noise recording feature. It can now record in 192 kbps.


Bug Fixes in APK Version 6.4

Just like there were several new features added, you’ll also get much-needed bug fixes with XNSPY latest APK Download.


·       Ambient Sound Recording ‘Pop’ Bug Fixed

Some users reported while listening to the ambient sound recording, they heard a popping noise after the 1-minute mark. It has now gotten fixed.


·       Instant Messaging Screenshot Loading Bug Fixed

Some users reported the instant messaging app conversation screenshots did not fully load. It has now gotten fixed.


·       Screen Recording Pause Bug Fixed

The screen recording feature would randomly stop recording after the 30 seconds mark. It has now gotten fixed.

  • Instant Messaging Screenshot Cycling Bug Fixed

Users would often skip a few images while cycling through the instant messaging screenshots. It has gotten fixed.


  • Ambient Sound Recording Clip Upload Bug Fixed

The app wouldn’t load the last few seconds of an ambient sound recording clip to the user’s Dashboard. That bug has also gotten resolved.


How to Install XNSPY APK Version 6.4 2022


Now let’s look at the steps needed to install the XNSPY Dashboard APK 2022. But before beginning the installation, make sure the following requirements get met:


Pre-Requisites for XNSPY Installation


  • You must have access to the phone, which must be unlocked and connected to the internet.
  • Turn off any antivirus or firewall software you’ve installed (during installation).
  • Allow Unknown Sources – The particular setting can be accessed in your Android phone’s settings menu and needs to be enabled to install third-party apps.
  • Disable Play Protect – In the most recent versions of Android, Disable Play Protect replaces unknown sources.
  • Before installing XNSPY on the device, you’ll need to download the APK file. You may use


XNSPY’s latest APK download, which is XNSPY APK version 6.4. The APK file will get emailed to you once you buy the subscription.


Step-by-Step Guide to Install XNSPY


Step 1:  

After entering the Android download URL from your registration email, tap “Submit.”


Step 2:

Once the file has been downloaded to the device, tap it to open it. Using a file explorer tool like FX File Explorer, you can navigate to the file from your directory. You can download the file explorer app through the Google Play store.


Step 3:

To proceed with the installation, go to settings and toggle on “Allow from this source.”


Step 4:

To allow XNSPY to be installed on an Android device, select “Install.”


Step 5:

Run the software after it has finished installing.


Step 6:

Press “Allow” when the screen that says “Stop optimizing battery usage” displays.


Step 7:

Select “Allow” for all Android Auto permissions. Select “Allow all the time” for the device.


Step 8:

Now press “Proceed” to complete the setup and enable all Android Auto permissions. You only need to allow Android Auto permissions once and won’t have to repeat the step.


Step 9:

Now tap the Start Monitoring button and you’re all done. Now you can monitor the device remotely whenever you want.


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