Simple Online Game for Quick Escape

Nowadays people are glued to their work with most of them busy working on their devices and computer. Hours spent working can be draining both mentally and physically. Good thing there are free online games that would destress while providing you a timeout from your busy day, such as Solitaire.Org which is a free online game platform with simple and yet thought-provoking games that would delight you. The site features seven main game categories with 47 games in all. It does not only offer solitaire games – as the site suggests – but also a lot of games that would challenge your mind and make you think harder so you reach through more exciting levels.

Here is one of the games you can enjoy during your spare time from the site.


Battleship Armada Game

A lot of people, young and old love battle games or war games. It’s like they are fighting against evil forces. Battleship Armada Game is similar to these kinds of games but it has a twist because your opponent is hidden and you have to launch your missiles somewhere else. If you hit one of your opponent’s ships, it will be marked with an X so you have a hint where to launch the missiles next until you defeat all of your opponent’s ships. It may appear very simple with uncomplicated interface but don’t be deceived as this battleship free online game will challenge you. The idea is to strategically place your battleships on the playing field on the screen with good positioning while destroying the opponent’s (AI) ships.



There are two main objectives in this online battleship game. You’ll start by placing 4 battleships on the field. You have to strategize on how you’ll place your pieces on the grid by deciding the best spots that will evade being hit by a missile when the opponent makes his move.

When it is your turn, you have three missiles that you will launch which aim to target your enemy’s ships. The challenge is that you will just guess where to launch your missiles on the play grid which you think where your opponent had placed his ships.

Why play online battleship game?

  • It’s a quick and easy way to have an exciting diversion taking your mind off your worries.
  • The game is uncomplicated and very easy to play.
  • It will train your mind to strategize and hone your instincts.
  • This classic battleship online game is free.

Solitaire.Org has an array of simple and free online games that can provide you a quick escape. What’s so amazing about the games offered here is that they are absolutely free to play. You can play the games directly from the browser, no need to download or upgrade any to be able to play and go to another level or to choose any difficulty. The battleship Armada Logic Puzzle Game is uncomplicated and easy to play with simple moves but has a good level of excitement. It is entertaining and it is definitely one good brain exercise.

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