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YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing platform, with hundreds, if not millions, of videos uploaded every day. You may view it to help both the individual who submitted the video and Google make cash. Today, we’ll show you how to use YouTube Vanced APK, which is an ad-free version of YouTube. You won’t see any adverts when watching videos if you download the newest version of the YouTube Vanced APK program, because all of the YouTube app’s advertising has been deleted.

YouTube Vanced APK a modified version of the popular video-sharing site. The software has improved upon the previous version’s shortcomings to offer a wonderful user experience. One of the reasons it’s so popular is because this software has a unique feature, it can operate in the background.

YouTube Vanced APK – what is it and how do I get it?

YouTube Vanced is the most helpful and advanced version of YouTube that you’ve used previously, even if it is a modified version. You’ll have to sit through YouTube commercials if you don’t have a YouTube Premium subscription. One of the most terrifying aspects is that a variety of advertisements are intercut throughout the video. Also, none of the official YouTube applications allow you to download YouTube videos and watch them later without an internet connection. Using the most recent version of the YouTube Vanced App, users will be able to fix all of these difficulties they encounter on a regular basis.


  • The ability to disable all video advertisements.
  • An AMOLED dark theme is available as an option to decrease eye and battery strain.
  • You may play videos in the background or in Picture in Picture mode (only on Android 8.0 Oreo and up).
  • Swipe controls, similar to those found in other video player apps, allow you to adjust brightness and volume (with configurable padding).
  • Enjoy the movies. Simply play a song on a loop using the auto-repeat option.
  • All YouTube advertisements are blocked (some options are togglable)
  • The feature of background playback
  • Force VP9 (or HDR) or the other way around.
  • Max Resolution Override.
  • On all devices, pinch to zoom.
  • Is it better to have a new or old type of video window?
  • Play the video again.
  • Feature with preferred resolution and speed.
  • Implementation of SponsorBlock with swipe controls for volume and brightness.
  • Toggle to display the old comment section under suggested videos (alpha).
  • Toggle the tablet mini-player on or off (non-cropped video in the bottom right)

How to Download and Install YouTube Vanced APK for Android?

Before you can install YouTube Vanced APK on your Android smartphone, you must first install microG. You will never be able to login into your Google account straight from YouTube Vanced. microG is a service that allows you to connect to your Google account from within the YouTube Vanced App.

You’ve also been helped by the developers. You may now use a single software called Vanced Manager APK to install both microG and YouTube Vanced. To install Youtube Vanced APK, just download the Vanced management APK file from the download link below, install it, and then follow the easy instructions below.

Step 1: Download the APK file for Vanced Manager.

Step 2: Now, on your smartphone, install the downloaded APK file. If this is your first time installing an APK file on your device, you’ll need to allow the option to install from unknown sources in the settings. This procedure differs depending on the Android smartphone model.

For Android versions below 7.0 (Nougat): If you’re running Android 7.0 or earlier, go to Settings, then Security, then Unknown Sources, and turn it on.

For Android versions 8.0 (Oreo) and higher: If you’re running the most recent version of Android, open the APK file you just downloaded.

Turn on Allow from this source in the options menu.

Return to the installation screen and complete the Vanced manager’s installation.

Step 3: Open the Vanced Manager software when it has been properly installed. You’ll notice two installation options: one for Vanced and one for microG. You must first install Micro G. If you’re running Android 8 or above, you’ll need to enable installation from this source again for Vanced Manager once microG has been downloaded successfully. There’s no need to change anything if you’re using an older version of Android.

Step 4: If the Reinstall option shows in microG, it means that microG has completed its installation and that you may now install the Youtube Vanced APK App. After the download is complete, you must indicate that you want to install YouTube Vanced.

Step 5: Now you have to choose a language and a theme. After YouTube Vanced is successfully installed, you will get a success popup similar to the one in the picture below.


The need for mobile applications appears to be increasing by the day these days. Everyone wants to put everything they can on their phone or tablet. We do, however, have an option that allows us to install apps from third-party developers while keeping our phones secure and efficient. Look no farther than YouTube Vanced if you’re seeking a YouTube alternative that will give you a better experience. You’ll discover a lot of various things to do with this new software, including complex capabilities, but you won’t have to deal with any problems.

Youtube Vanced App Requirements:

Android – 4.2+

Version – 16.38.34

Size – 58 MB

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