For Students | New Android Apps to Try This Year

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Do you have any Android gadget, either a tablet or smartphone, and want to use it more for your studies? Do you want to get more useful and even the best apps for students to install and make your life and studies more productive? This is a good idea that can increase performance dramatically. You will arrange your schedule well, will never forget about negotiating details of making your assignment with your thesis writing service, have important meetings, and do many other things also. Interested in apps that can facilitate your life? Get TOP new options already available for installing and using. Arrange more effectively making notes, your schedule, learning process, relaxation, dealing with finances, and many other things. Interested? Look through these options.



This is one of the best Android notes apps that is a perfect one for making notes, arranging, and searching for the right information. You may indicate and fix all ideas that come to your mind and later arrange those in a more effective way. This app also allows you to create tasks and integrate those with your Google calendar. Copy articles that interest you, save files of different formats (PDF, photos, images, audio recordings, webpages, etc.). It’s a nice thing to have a try.


Study Music.Memory Booster

Have you faced at least once a problem of coping with many tasks while experiencing stress and anxiety? That is not a problematic but easy to deal with a point if you listen to special music Study Music. Memory Booster, this new app for students, provides you. These are natural sounds and binaural beats that have proven to be effective tools to calm the mind and boost productivity. What impact this music may have on your studies and performance?


You may easily calm your mind and ensure better focus. This may be especially helpful when you are tired and have realized something like “I can’t write my essay” or do any other things that require focus. Listening to special music will help you to write essays and other papers for less time and experience at least neutral or even positive emotions because you simply have a good background for that. Want to experience alpha waves, various songs that can help you to gain better study focus and memorizing? Install this app and pick the right music for you.



This is one of the best apps for college students with kahoots (quiz-based games). It can help you with learning new material in a more interactive way. It is possible to customize kahoots to nearly any study topic. Using it is equally possible at home and work. Plenty of languages are available: English, German, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and even Norwegian.


While using this app, students may easily arrange and complete self-paced practices, have sessions with friends, create personal kahoots, insert videos and images, and enjoy many other options to learn more thanks to this app.


Both free and premium options for the application are currently offered. For a premium package, extra features are available, such as an image library, advanced puzzles, open-ended questions, polls, slides, and other features. This tool is among the best Android apps that can be useful for grasping new material and brainstorming. How you may apply it? Simply learn some topics you need to explore to write an essay and brainstorm ideas for essays, for instance. That is easy.


Media365 Book Reader


This is one of the best apps for reading books using your device. Why? It supports 50+ formats and has many features. It also imports PDF and EPUB files. This app is also convenient thanks to an opportunity to categorize books into “shelves”. This app is a must-have for everyone who enjoys books.



This tool is among the new Android apps and is amazing for the world overloaded with an enormous number of connections. It is difficult to stay focused and find time for yourself under such conditions. Using this app will block for some time notifications from other apps, calls, emails, and similar things that prevent you from having a good rest. This app can provide you with even more – it can give you statistics of all events you have per each day, month, and year. That is a good point for arranging your time and having a rest, inst it?



Do you want to be in charge of your cash and manage that in a more effective way? If yes, this app may be helpful for this purpose. What can you do using this app? It is possible to create your budget, determine and grow savings, enhance your financial habits, and track your monthly bills. You may track all transactions carried out during a certain period of time and see your account balances. Monitor and arrange in a better way your monthly expenses. Connect and manage your credit cards and different loans. By the way, there are also other interesting options available in this app. You may easily track your investments and cryptocurrency accounts using this app if you have such accounts. Or simply keep in mind this for the future.


Final Words

If you have any gadget with Android, it is a good thing to think about how to use it more effectively thanks to applying different apps. Pay attention to your productivity, arrange your schedule (not forget to “write my essays” and find a good site that writes essays) in a better way, and make notes about important things. Also, make sure you have time to relax and disconnect from the outer world. Learn how to manage your finances effectively from the student years. Save the list of apps indicated here and install those to take a maximum of your device and boost your productivity to the maximum extent possible.


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