Top 6 transcription software tools for Android

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How to transcribe audio or video to text 

The spread of technologies and the rise of advancements in the tech world make our life easier. These changes relate to the improvements we can experience in our daily life. Some people enjoy how easy the tidying-up process is these days. Others are happy to use the tech advancements when working on working tasks or studying assignments.


There are a lot of perks for students and employees engaged in the writing or listening activity. If you can join this description, there’s something you can find interesting for daily studying or working practices. What’s this? When you work for a long time on the paper or can’t deal with the audio, you may try Transcriberry professional transcription services to speed up the work.

What are the transcription services? Let’s answer the question.


The use of transcription paper writing services is a common thing for people. If you don’t know how helpful these tools could be, you might have never heard about the services. The transcription website is a handy extension that can show nice performance and be helpful in many different issues. What do you use the services for? There are different ways you can use the tools.


How to use transcription paper writing services


When you first hear about the paper writing service, there’s something everyone asks about. Why do I need to use online tools? How could they help with the tasks? The spread of transcription companies on the web proves the convenience and direct benefits for the users. If you want to download the transcription service, you should first find out more about the usability and functions of the services.


  • The first thing that needs mentioning is the functionality. What you get is access to a top-rated online tool that can scan your text, copy it, or translate it on paper. Being a handy online tool, a top-rated transcription extension can ensure complex work on papers or lectures. This could be useful both for students and employees from different sectors. Once you download the app, you can check what functions it can offer online and how to use them correctly.
  • Transcription services offer a wide range of options for the users to manage their work smoothly. If you need to transcribe the audio file or get the transcription of the video file, you don’t have to struggle over the paper. All you need is to install the transcription service and find out how it works. It will offer the best help with the papers and media files with ease, and it won’t ask for your help.
  • It’s an autonomous tool. There’s no need to keep track of the processes. When you download the audio and turn on the application, it will manage all the tasks and ensure the best results on time. You don’t need to take control of everything, because the processes are automated and are fully optimized to the interface of the tool.


The use of online transcription writing services is a fruitful task. Why is it so? First of all, you save a lot of time. Working on the audio or video transcription on your own takes a lot of time. However, it will take a couple of minutes with the tool. The second reason is the quality of the transcribed results. There should be no remarks or mistakes in the transcribed document.


How to choose the best transcription company for your work?


If you’re looking for a high-quality transcription website, you need to take into account several necessary points. It’s not easy to find a top-rated and reliable website that can ensure the best results for your paper. Let’s check what features you should focus on when considering the transcription online service.


  • The feedback is a must. Let’s start with the feature that plays a huge role in the choice of the online platform. When you work with audio transcription websites, you should first check the reviews on the work of the service. If you agree with the commentaries and can trust the service, make sure to try it.
  • The next thing to check is the toolset available on the website. On some websites, you will notice a shortlist of features. On other web platforms, you can benefit from the bug amount of services to apply to your audio or video file.
  • What’s the price? These are not free tools. Some of the features may have a zero price. However, in most cases, you will need to cover the cost of the services to benefit from the best results.


You can prioritize one of the points from the list. The more attention you pay to the selection of the tool, the more assurance you have about the final result.


Top 6 best transcription online services for online users

You’ve already learned about the way of choosing the tools from the wide list of different options on the web. The more developed research you do, the better chances you have to work with a top-notch transcription tool. Let’s check what transcription services a student or a regular employee can find helpful.



Let’s start our list with a handy online tool. Transcribberry is a helpful web extension that will make your transcription routine less stressful. When you open the tool, you can find interesting and helpful features. First of all, you can upload the audio file and transcribe everything fast on a separate piece of paper. If you have the video file that needs to be transcribed, you will also do it with the Transcribberry online extension.


Rev Voice Recorder

What about other popular alternatives? If you want to benefit from the wide range of features, you can also try the Rev voice recorder. It’s a simple application that will impress you with the quality of the ready-to-go papers. What you have to do is to install the tool and see how smooth the interface is. This is a beneficial app to try if you struggle with the papers



There’s another speech recognition service to impress you with an interesting set of features. Do you want to record a video and transcribe it online? Everything is possible with the Otter application. It’s easy to use. When you have the app installed or open in the browser, you can start working on its main features.


The FTW Transcriber

There are lots of online tools each student can use to work with audio and video. If you’re looking for a top-notch company, you should try another service with nice feedback from the users. The clients assessed this app at the highest level and proved it to be helpful enough even with complicated tasks.

A wide set of features together with an interesting and user-friendly interface are two main things that determine a top-rated transcription service. To reach the best results and make it a perfect transcription practice, you should try this online tool. It will offer moderate tariffs and appealing options to the clients.

Some users are encouraged to work with apps that show a nice interface and a user-friendly design. If you also want to enjoy the well-developed app organization, you should try the application.


Dragon Anywhere

A wide range of text recognition apps is created to fit the needs of students or people engaged in sophisticated writing and listening work. The performance of the apps determines the success of the conference, dialog, video production, or a simple lecture. You don’t have to craft your paper to fit the length. The tool will fit at any length if you have a voluminous task. This is easy to transcribe the audio file and work with the video files when you deal with the professional service.


Final Thoughts


The use of transcription services can ease your work a lot. When you try the help from the online tools, you can forget about the sleepless nights and tiring transcription practices. It’s now easy to manage the transcription tasks because of the well-developed online toolset.


If you need to take notes on the conference, give a lecture, transcribe the caller or a seminar, you should find a relevant online transcription tool. It will do everything for you. By looking for the service, you can take into account the examples described in the list.


These are high-quality companies offering top-notch support to their clients. It’s easy to use the apps or online extensions. All you have to do is to install the app or open it on the web. When you upload the paper, you need a couple of minutes to have everything done by the application.

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