The best apps for Android devices

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Today, the phone is the main gadget in a person’s life – with the help of it we check the time, and weather, pay bills, make purchases, have fun, watch movies, and sometimes music. In general, we use mobile gadgets every day, and they constantly accompany us not only at home but also when traveling. Many developers are constantly coming up with new useful applications that help us make life easier and diversify our leisure time. We are talking about the most popular and useful applications for gadgets with the Android system in this article.


Google Keep

One of the most useful apps that should be installed on every person’s phone is Google Keep. This application can be downloaded for free. It helps keep a lot of information in one place. The application is an opportunity to take notes. With it, you can plan shopping and calculate your expenses, write down recipe ideas for dinner and a weekly meal plan, write text for a future work report, and much more. Among the advantages are a convenient and intuitive interface and synchronization with other devices. In addition, the application allows you to create audio recordings and set a sound reminder of upcoming events.



This application is suitable for those who study at school or university. It allows you to do lessons or create presentations together with classmates, helping each other.

The main advantage of the application is the ability to jointly complete tasks online, as well as prepare for tests and exams. In addition, in the application, you can also find answers to questions on various subjects, which helps to gain additional knowledge.



If you have been dreaming of learning a foreign language for a long time, but you constantly do not have time, then you definitely need to download the Duolingo application. The most popular query in this application is English, however, in addition to it, there are several dozen other languages ​​in the database that can also be learned thanks to the application. Both beginners and experienced native speakers can be engaged in order to maintain their level of knowledge.

Among the main functions, one can note the teaching of a foreign language in an easy and accessible form, the availability of lessons in audio and video format, as well as in the form of colloquial speech. The study schedule depends on your starting level, which can be checked right in the app. If you have not mastered the topic well, there is an opportunity to repeat the lesson and go through the rules again.


Antivirus DR.WEB Light

Many of us are trying to protect our personal data from scammers, as hacker attacks are constantly occurring in the world. To protect yourself and your personal data, you need to install an antivirus application. It allows you not only to secure access to your data but can also clean up the memory on your phone, scan your device for viruses and destroy them if found.

In addition, the application protects the memory card from viruses and moves infected files to quarantine and restore them. However, this application also has its drawback – the Lite version offers a minimum package of functions for protection. More tools are only available in the paid version.



If you have ever faced the problem of a long wait for file transfers, then you definitely need to download the Shareit application. It was created for Android users who often share files, photos, and documents. Some people even share their accounts on a bookmaker’s website – that’s how they manage to win money together.

Thanks to the application, the exchange takes place without the use of networks and is synchronized with any device. The application allows you to share files at high speed. At the same time, there is no limit on the amount of data transferred. However, the application also has some disadvantages – it is necessary to clear the phone’s memory in a timely manner so that there are no failures when exchanging files.


All of the above applications can make life easier for owners of gadgets with the Android system. Their advantage is that they are all free – so even if you do not like the application, you can uninstall it without any problems without spending money.


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